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Joshua Eaton

Joshua Eaton is a researcher for NBC News based in Washington, D.C.

Joshua Eaton is a researcher for NBC News based in Washington, D.C.

Latest from Joshua Eaton

35d ago

In Texas, a group claiming to be Cherokee faces questions about authenticity

The Mount Tabor Indian Community and a Grapevine, Texas, statue show a failure to vet claims to Indigenous nation status, federally recognized tribal leaders say.
70d ago

The U.S. is discarding millions of Covid vaccines. One cause: Multi-dose vials.

The federal government is working with Covid-19 vaccine manufacturers to reduce the number of doses per vial, amid growing concerns about wasted vaccines.
91d ago

15 million Covid vaccine doses thrown away in the U.S. since March, new data shows

As countries across the world clamor for vaccine doses, U.S. pharmacy chains and state health departments have thrown millions away.
103d ago

As deadly heat waves spread, access to air conditioning becomes a lifesaving question

The summer heat is most dangerous for low-income communities, where many lack air conditioning. Housing advocates want to change that.
213d ago

CVS, Walgreens have wasted more Covid vaccine doses than most states combined

Months into the vaccination drive, the CDC has a limited view of how much vaccine is going to waste.