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Kat Tenbarge

Kat Tenbarge is a tech and culture reporter for NBC News Digital. She can be reached at

Kat Tenbarge is a tech and culture reporter for NBC News Digital. She can be reached at

Latest from Kat Tenbarge

Senate hearing with deepfake experts tackles elections and sexual abuse

At a Senate hearing, deepfake detection software experts shared concerns with existing plans to curb malicious deepfakes.
5d ago

A Cybertruck owner says his accelerator got stuck while he was driving

A man who posted to TikTok said that his Cybertruck accelerator got stuck while he was driving, ahead of a reported recall.

Dove pledges to never represent ‘real bodies’ with AI in advertising

Dove, a beauty brand known for its 20-year marketing campaign around showcasing “real bodies,” has taken the initiative a step forward in the age of AI.
17d ago

Blue check marks reappear on some large X accounts

Almost a year since blue check marks disappeared from some large, influential accounts on X (formerly Twitter), they have started to return.

Meta study says it hosted special event that shifted opinion on AI, and that it's planning more

Meta says that participants in an AI forum came away with a more positive opinion of AI's potential impact, and that it intends to hold more such forums.

Fewer than 1% of parents use social media tools to monitor their children's accounts, tech companies say

Most parents whose children are on tech platforms such as Snapchat and Discord aren’t using parenting tools the companies designed for them.

Drake Bell accusers face online attacks after ‘Quiet on Set’ docuseries 

Drake Bell experienced a wave of support after he shared his sexual abuse story for "Quiet on Set," but some fans have lashed out at Bell's own accusers.
29d ago

Mothers' group protests in front of Meta’s offices, calling for Big Tech regulation

Parents protested at Meta’s New York office advocating for two state Senate bills that would limit social media platforms' ability to collect kids' data.

Big Tech says AI watermarks could curb misinformation, but they're easy to sidestep

Watermarking has been floated by big tech as one of the most promising methods to combat misinformation in the age of artificial intelligence.
33d ago

YouTube says it will require creators to label 'realistic' AI content

YouTube is the latest platform to introduce rules around AI labeling as more deceptive AI content has been introduced online.
34d ago

Elon Musk says he's 'leaning away' from Biden after Trump meeting

Elon Musk says he's "leaning away" from President Joe Biden, but doesn't have plans to endorse Donald Trump — yet.