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Kate Santaliz

Kate Santaliz is an associate producer for NBC News’ Capitol Hill team.

Kate Santaliz

Kate Santaliz

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2d ago

Democrats gear up to overhaul the Senate filibuster for major bills if they win in 2024

The fate of the Senate filibuster is on the ballot in the 2024 election, as Democrats rally around weakening it to codify abortion rights and bolstering federal voting rights.

Biden administration advances potential $1 billion weapons sale to Israel

The Biden administration informally notified Congress on Tuesday that it is continuing to advance a potential $1 billion weapons sale to Israel through the State Department review process, a U.S. official familiar with the process told NBC News.

Angela Alsobrooks wins pricey Maryland Democratic Senate primary, setting up a clash with Larry Hogan

Alsobrooks, who overcame tens of millions of dollars in spending from David Trone, will face a competitive race against Hogan in the fall.

Maryland Democrats battle for party's future — and control of the Senate

The Maryland Democratic Senate primary between Angela Alsobrooks and David Trone has been affected by Republican Larry Hogan's decision to run for the seat.

A Democratic power broker makes its move in a big Senate race. Is it too late?

For months, Democratic Rep. David Trone has blanketed Maryland’s airwaves in ads for his Senate campaign.
10d ago

House votes overwhelmingly to save Speaker Mike Johnson from Marjorie Taylor Greene's push to oust him

Far-right Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene made good on her threat Wednesday and filed a motion to oust Republican Speaker Mike Johnson from power over his decision to pass billions of dollars in military aid for Ukraine.
30d ago

U.S. likely to enact a law soon that could ban TikTok nationwide

Legislation that could ban TikTok in the U.S. unless it cuts ties with its Chinese parent company is on a path to quickly be signed into law.
31d ago

New bipartisan bill seeks to tackle national child care shortage with help from the Pentagon

Senators seek to help with national child care shortage with new Defense Department pilot program to train and recuit staff at facilities near military installations.

Sen. Tom Cotton doubles down on comments urging people to 'forcibly remove' protesters blocking traffic

Sen. Tom Cotton on Tuesday doubled down on comments urging people delayed by traffic stemming from pro-Palestinian demonstrations to "forcibly remove" some protesters who are blocking streets.
39d ago

'On life support': Senate Republicans are prepared to sink the child tax credit bill

Senate Republicans will likely bury a bipartisan bill to expand the child tax credit and provide tax breaks for businesses.
39d ago

Republicans delay DHS Secretary Mayorkas' impeachment trial until next week

House Republicans will delay the impeachment trial of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas until next week.