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Katherine Doyle

Katherine Doyle is a White House reporter for NBC News. 

Katherine Doyle is a White House reporter for NBC News. 

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Trump won't testify and emails remain the credibility crunch. What you missed on Day 20 of the hush money trial.

Over the course of just a few hours in court, Donald Trump's legal team presented its entire case: Don't believe Michael Cohen.

Trump increasingly relies on allies to deliver the attack lines the gag order bars him from uttering

Donald Trump has been calling the politicians who make the pilgrimage to stand behind him in the New York City court where he is on trial his “surrogates” — as they push the lines of personal attacks that he has been barred from making because of a gag order.

Prosecutors rest their case against Donald Trump in dramatic day of testimony

Prosecutors rested their case against Donald Trump on Monday after another dramatic day of testimony from his former lawyer Michael Cohen, while the judge presiding over the trial ripped into one of the former president's witnesses for disrespectful behavior.

'Don't roll your eyes': Trump defense witness gets judge's warning. What you missed on Day 19 of the hush money trial.

After days of trying to dismantle Donald Trump's former fixer Michael Cohen’s credibility, the defense began presenting its own case, calling two witnesses that may make up the totality of its presentation.

Trump's hush money trial makes big money for professional line-standers

The hottest ticket in New York City is Trump's hush money trial and some are willing to pay big to get to see testimony from Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, and more.

'I'm really curious about the dog': Trump weighs in on Kristi Noem at a private fundraiser

Donald Trump told a room of wealthy donors that he had questions about Cricket, the 14-month-old dog who was shot and killed by South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem.

Jim Jordan accuses New York hush money prosecutor of Trump 'obsession'

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan is demanding documents from the New York attorney general related to the hiring of a lead prosecutor in Donald Trump’s hush money trial.

'Don’t make it about yourself': Michael Cohen faces grilling from defense. What you missed on Day 17 of Trump's hush money trial.

Trump defense lawyer Todd Blanche bounced around to different topics trying to undermine Cohen's credibility during cross-examination in the hush money trial.

'The benefit of Mr. Trump': Longtime fixer Michael Cohen testifies in hush money trial. What you missed on Day 16.

Donald Trump’s longtime fixer and lawyer, Michael Cohen, testified Monday that he was acting at Trump's behest when he made hush money payments to Stormy Daniels ahead of the 2016 presidential election.

A calm day before the star witness, Trump trial delves into records: What you missed on Day 15 of the hush money trial.

In the metaphorical eye of the storm, the fifteenth day of Donald Trump’s New York hush money trial focused on phone records, social media posts, and payments — bookended by the testimony from Stormy Daniels the day before and the anticipated appearance of Michael Cohen on Monday.

What you missed on Day 14 of the hush money trial: More Stormy Daniels testimony, new witnesses and Trump's office habits

Judge Juan Merchan issued two rulings against Trump involving the gag order and a mistrial motion after the court heard from Daniels and three other witnesses.