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Kenzi Abou-Sabe

Kenzi Abou-Sabe is a reporter and producer in the NBC News Investigative Unit.

Kenzi Abou-Sabe is a reporter and producer in the NBC News Investigative Unit.

Latest from Kenzi Abou-Sabe

21h ago

Indictments are handed up in connection with NYC gay bar killings, sources say

The NYC medical examiner's office said that it is investigating “several additional deaths in similar circumstances” to the killings of two gay men last year.
28d ago

Ozempic shortages? Some pharmacists are choosing not to stock the drug at all

Ozempic and Wegovy weight-loss drug shortages have made it difficult for patients and pharmacists to find the drugs, but some independent pharmacies are opting not to stock them at all.
33d ago

Residents near Ohio train derailment diagnosed with ailments associated with chemical exposure, including bronchitis

People near the Ohio site where a train derailed are being diagnosed with bronchitis and other issues that doctors and nurses say are linked to chemical exposure.
35d ago

Investigation into Ohio train derailment points to overheated wheel bearing

The derailment of a train carrying chemicals in Ohio can be traced to a wheel bearing that was 253 degrees hotter than ambient temperatures, officials found.

Ohio derailment: What chemicals spilled and how could they affect residents?

Find out what chemicals spilled and later burned near East Palestine, Ohio, in the train derailment and the impact on the community.
36d ago

‘We’re afraid to shower’: Fear and anxiety linger in Ohio town reeling from toxic train derailment

More than two weeks after the train derailment, many in East Palestine said they remain gripped by fear and anxiety despite assurances air and drinking water are safe.
47d ago

Can giving the ocean an antacid help curb climate change?

Planetary Technologies, a Canadian startup, is attempting to use an antacid powder to make the ocean recycle more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
123d ago

‘There’s no rules. It’s crazy’: New money in NCAA recruiting leaves elite athletes ripe for exploitation

Name Image Likeness or "NIL" deals let elite student athletes profit from their talent before they finish high school. But the potential reward comes at a risk.

A health care program for 9/11 survivors and first responders is running short of money, say members of Congress

With the anniversary of 9/11 looming, so is something else — a need for money for survivors of the attack on New York's World Trade Center.

How self-pay pharmacies can save customers hundreds of dollars a month

For years, Sharon Kitchen and her husband, Mike, went to the same pharmacy just 2 miles from their house in this suburb of Columbus.
223d ago

Frustrated pharmacists are opting out of the insurance system, saving some customers hundreds of dollars a month

By opting out of the insurance system, cash pharmacies sell common drugs without inflated prices. Consumers say they are reaping the benefits.