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Kevin Collier

Kevin Collier is a reporter covering cybersecurity, privacy and technology policy for NBC News.

Kevin Collier is a reporter covering cybersecurity, privacy and technology policy for NBC News.

Latest from Kevin Collier

22d ago

DMV services disrupted nationwide by system outage

Multiple states reported disrupted services at DMV offices Thursday in a "national outage" that halted license related transactions due to "a loss in cloud connectivity."
24d ago

FBI resumes outreach to social media companies over foreign propaganda

The FBI has resumed some of its efforts to share information with some American social media companies about foreign propagandists using their platforms.

Big Tech says AI watermarks could curb misinformation, but they're easy to sidestep

Watermarking has been floated by big tech as one of the most promising methods to combat misinformation in the age of artificial intelligence.
27d ago

A TikTok ban could embolden authoritarian censorship, experts warn

The proposed TikTok ban could embolden censorship abroad, experts warn, and shatter the U.S.’s reputation as a free speech champion.

Experts war-gamed what might happen if deepfakes disrupt the 2024 election. Things went sideways fast.

Experts war-gamed what might happen if bad actors used deepfakes to disrupt the 2024 election. The results of the exercise were "jarring" for the participants.
31d ago

What would a TikTok ban look like for users?

The House passed a bill Wednesday that could lead to what amounts to an effective ban on TikTok unless TikTok’s parent company sells the app.
33d ago

The edited Princess Kate photo probably wasn't made with AI

An official photo of the Princess of Wales, Kate Middleton, and her children released Sunday was likely just crudely manipulated with a program like Photoshop.
36d ago

Microsoft says it's struggling to fight off Russian cyberspies who stole company secrets

Microsoft is still struggling to keep out the Russian cyberspies that gained high-level access to the company late last year, the company announced Friday.

A federal agency has told rural counties and small towns how to safeguard their elections, but not all can afford the fixes

The federal agency that protects U.S. elections has told rural counties and small towns how to protect their computers and vote-counting sites, but some communities say they can't afford to make the fixes.
38d ago

Patients struggle to get lifesaving medication after cyberattack on a major health care company

After a cyberattack on Change Healthcare, patients are struggling to access and afford essential medication. Outages persist in systems used for medical billing and insurance claims.