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Kevin Collier

Kevin Collier is a reporter covering cybersecurity, privacy and technology policy for NBC News.

Kevin Collier is a reporter covering cybersecurity, privacy and technology policy for NBC News.

Latest from Kevin Collier

4d ago

NSO spyware used in Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, report finds

Invasive spyware capable of reading a smartphone’s messages and listening to calls was found on the phones of at least 12 Armenian journalists, politicians and civil society members, according to a report published Thursday by a group of nonprofit organizations.

OpenAI CEO embraces government regulation in Senate hearing

The U.S. should require companies to be licensed by the government if they want to develop powerful artificial intelligence systems, the head of one the country’s top AI companies said at a Senate committee hearing Tuesday.

Washington is struggling to catch up on artificial intelligence

As industry experts and academics sound alarm bells, Washington has quickly turned its attention to artificial intelligence.

Leaked Google engineer memo warns that Big Tech could lose AI race to the little guys

A leaked memo from a Google employee makes a bold claim that’s taking hold in Silicon Valley and beyond: Big Tech’s advantage in artificial intelligence is shrinking quickly.
26d ago

Hackers hijacked a university's emergency system to threaten students and faculty

Hackers hijacked a Virginia university’s emergency alerts system this week and, in what appears to be a first, used it to issue threats to students and faculty: The university must pay up or their files would be leaked online.
33d ago

Students’ psychological reports, abuse allegations leaked by ransomware hackers

Hackers who broke into the Minneapolis Public Schools have circulated files that appear to include highly sensitive documents on schoolchildren and teachers.
34d ago

Iran-linked hackers broke into election results website in 2020, general says

Hackers working for Iran broke into a U.S. city’s website ahead of the 2020 election with the possible intention of altering the unofficial vote counts shown on Election Day, a senior military cyber official said Monday.

Fox likely to see limited business fallout from a settlement that could remake Dominion

Fox Corporation’s $787.5 million settlement with Dominion Voting Systems is a landmark payout likely to have vastly different impacts for either business.

U.S. intel agencies may change how they monitor social media, chatrooms after missing leaked U.S. documents for weeks

The Biden administration is looking at expanding how it monitors social media and chatrooms after intel agencies didn't see classified U.S. documents circulating online for weeks.
48d ago

Leaked U.S. assessment includes warning about Russian hackers accessing sensitive infrastructure

A leaked U.S. intelligence assessment includes a stark reminder of the threat that hackers can pose to critical infrastructure.

Leaked secret Pentagon documents lift the lid on U.S. spying on Russia’s war in Ukraine

Dozens of leaked Pentagon documents posted online have exposed details of U.S. eavesdropping on Russia’s military campaign in Ukraine. The damage remains unclear.