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Kevin Collier

Kevin Collier is a reporter covering cybersecurity, privacy and technology policy for NBC News.

Kevin Collier is a reporter covering cybersecurity, privacy and technology policy for NBC News.

Latest from Kevin Collier

8h ago

Luxury cars and $100 bills: Police bust ransomware gang in Ukraine

Police in Ukraine <a href="
5d ago

Ransomware attack hit Teamsters in 2019 — but they refused to pay

The FBI advised the union to "just pay" the ransom, according to sources. Union officials chose to rebuild their computer network instead.
6d ago

The FBI's seizing one bitcoin wallet won't stop ransomware — but it's a start

The FBI's <a href="">surprise announcement</a> Mond
7d ago

Beef supplier JBS paid ransomware hackers $11 million

The company was hacked in May by a Russian-speaking hacker gang, which led meat plants across the U.S. and Australia to shut down for at least a day.
8d ago

Colonial CEO: We had no ransomware plan in place

Colonial Pipeline had no specific plan for what to do in the event of a ransomware attack, its CEO said Tuesday.
8d ago

Feds recover millions from pipeline ransom hackers, hint at U.S. internet tactic

A Russian ransomware gang hacked into Colonial Pipeline in May as part of a monthslong crime spree, leading the company to shut down operations.
10d ago

TV news stations become apparent target in next cyberattack

"We are only able to communicate with each other over personal phones and text messages," said an employee at one TV station.

Supreme Court limits reach of computer crime law

The court said the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act does not cover people who "have improper motives for obtaining the information that is otherwise available to them."
15d ago

Cyberattack hits world's largest meat supplier

It might be days before production resumes after an “organized cybersecurity attack” affected IT systems in North America and Australia, officials said.
18d ago

SolarWinds hackers are at it again, targeting 150 organizations, Microsoft warns

Microsoft said that Nobelium, a Russian-based hacking group, launched the phishing campaign by gaining access to a marketing account of the U.S. Agency for International Development.
20d ago

After Colonial hack, DHS issues first cybersecurity regulation for pipelines

The Department of Homeland Security has <a href="