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Lauren Egan

Lauren Egan is a White House reporter for NBC News based in Washington.

Lauren Egan is a White House reporter for NBC News based in Washington.

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Frustration grows in Ukraine as casualties spike and Russia takes more territory

Amid Russian advances and spiking Ukrainian casualties, anger and frustration over the handling of the war is swelling among military families.

The stench of death is the 'smell of victory' for Ukrainians who guard bodies of Russian troops

Ukrainian soldiers near Kharkiv move Russian bodies from a refrigerated train car to a semi truck so they can be exchanged for their comrades' corpses.

After 100 days of war, Ukraine is resolved to take its land back from Russia

As Russia's war in Ukraine reaches 100 days, Kyiv is determined to take back the land lost since President Vladimir Putin launched his invasion.

Top 5 things to know about Ukraine today: European Union takes action

As European Union nations finally agreed to a partial embargo on Russian oil to punish the Kremlin, Russia made gains in eastern Ukraine

A mother's painful pursuit of justice: Inside a war crimes investigation in Ukraine

One Ukrainian mother near Kharkiv was forced to bury her son twice as war crimes investigators seek to hold Russian forces accountable for alleged atrocities.

Ukrainians see their culture being erased as Russia hits beloved sites

Ukrainians say deliberate attacks on cultural sites, war crime under the 1954 Hague Convention, are part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s effort to erase Ukrainian identity.

Ukraine pushed Russia back from its second city. Missile strikes are still tearing lives apart.

Although Ukraine pushed Russian forces back from Kharkiv earlier this month, Putin's troops are still terrorizing the city with missile strikes.

Many in Ukraine lack resources to rebuild after Russia leaves wake of destruction

Since pushing Russian forces out from the suburbs around Kyiv last month, Ukraine has worked remarkably quickly to fix damaged infrastructure but housing remain a problem.

What U.S. women can learn from Poland’s recent abortion restrictions

Americans fearing the worst if the Supreme Court repeals Roe v.

4-hour wait for 5 gallons of gas: Oil shortage sparks panic-buying in Kyiv

For the second time in one week, Marina had to wait more than three hours in the car with her newborn baby to buy gas.

Coordination struggles could hamper Ukraine war crimes investigations

Experts worry that some evidence could be mishandled or not make its way to the International Criminal Court and the Prosecutor General’s Office in Ukraine.