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Louise Matsakis

Louise Matsakis is a reporter on the tech investigations unit of NBC News.

Louise Matsakis is a reporter on the tech investigations unit of NBC News.

Latest from Louise Matsakis

297d ago

How Starbucks uses dubious 'connection scores' to evaluate its workforce

Customers complete a survey by Starbucks and rate employees on connection, but how are workers being effective by these ratings

Privacy groups warn about data-tracking if Roe is overturned

If Roe v. Wade is overturned, privacy groups warn online privacy could be at risk and data tracking could target people who are pregnant or seeking an abortion.
323d ago

Amazon workers vote against unionizing a second Staten Island warehouse

Amazon workers voted against unionizing at a Staten Island warehouse after a landmark union election victory at a different Staten Island facility last month.
326d ago

Elon Musk’s business ties to China draw scrutiny after Twitter purchase

After Elon Musk announced he would buy Twitter, questions are arising surrounding his business interests in China and what it will mean for the social media platform.
330d ago

Can Amazon stop a union?

The Amazon Labor Union in Staten Island, New York is encountering its next obstacle after its landmark election: Amazon lawyers building a case against it.
346d ago

Crypto isn’t just for bros: Meet the mothers entering the market

Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are spaces mostly occupied by young American men, but a growing number of mothers are investing and getting into the industry.
352d ago

Border Patrol's use of Amazon's Wickr messaging app draws scrutiny

In October, Laurence Brewer, the chief records officer of the National Archives and Records Administration, told officials at U.S.
354d ago

Workers on Staten Island vote to form Amazon's first union in the U.S.

For the first time in Amazon’s 27-year history, a group of U.S.-based workers have voted to unionize.
358d ago

Some Starbucks workers forgo paychecks to access IVF treatments

Leah Russell felt a surge of hope when she spotted Starbucks on a list of employers that offer fertility benefits in the summer of 2019.
363d ago

South African court halts construction on Amazon’s Africa headquarters

Amazon’s global expansion plans hit a roadblock when a judge in Cape Town, South Africa, ordered construction to stop on the company’s new regional headquarters.
364d ago

TikTok shopping takes off in livestreams: Lucky crystals for $9.99

TikTok livestreams are taking off as a shopping platform, with users selling crystals, shoes, keychains, stuffed animals and more in online streams on the app.