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Mariana Henninger

Mariana Henninger is a senior producer for NBC News Digital Original Video.

Mariana Henninger is a senior producer for NBC News Digital Original Video.

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'Seized by some invisible hand': What it feels like to have Havana Syndrome

A doctor said "it's like you aged 20 years all at once," said Kate Husband, diagnosed with a brain injury "related to a directional phenomenon exposure.”
1107d ago

The hidden Covid-19 health crisis: Elderly people are dying from isolation

The lockdowns and visitor restrictions meant to protect nursing home residents from the coronavirus can also threaten their lives.
1430d ago

Ukraine fears Trump hold on aid exposed vulnerability in war with Russia

“Just the presence of the American army on the territory of Ukraine, in my opinion, already scares the enemy — even without any other aid.”

In Abaco Islands, the letter D marks the site of a grim recovery effort

More than a week after Hurricane Dorian slammed the Abaco Islands, the search and rescue efforts have shifted to recovering the remains of those killed by storm.

In Abaco Islands, lives shattered by Hurricane Dorian's devastation to the Bahamas

A week after Dorian slammed the islands as the strongest hurricane to hit the Bahamas on record, those remaining said the storm took everything from them.

After Hurricane Dorian, Celebrity cruise ship in Bahamas reroutes to deliver food, aid

The Celebrity Equinox's kitchen staff is preparing 10,000 meals, with guests even pitching in to help in the aftermath of the hurricane.
1605d ago

Climate change is devastating Central America, driving migrants to the U.S. border

Farmers in rural Honduras and Guatemala are living on the edge of hunger, not knowing if the next harvest will come.
1671d ago

'How many more people have to die?' Carbon monoxide kills two more in HUD housing

The deadly gas had filled a Michigan couple's home, but no alarm was sounding. Millions of Americans in public housing may be at similar risk.

Asylum-seekers forced to wait in Tijuana fear for their lives

"We are like a blind man who can only feel the sunlight, but cannot see it," said a Guatemalan migrant who was sent back to Mexico after seeking asylum.

Trapped in Tijuana: Migrants face a long, dangerous wait to claim asylum

“If I continue to stay here, I am going to be killed,” said a mother of two from Honduras, who spent two months waiting in Tijuana to cross into the U.S.
1919d ago

Montana had the highest suicide rate in the country. Then budget cuts hit.

Suicide has been a persistent problem in Montana — and it’s getting worse. Now, some who have lost loved ones are mobilizing to stop the deaths.