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Merritt Enright

Merritt Enright is an associate producer with the NBC News Investigative Unit.

Merritt Enright is an associate producer with the NBC News Investigative Unit.

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125d ago

'Easy to bully': A corporate landlord in Cincinnati is aggressive in trying to evict tenants, critics say

VineBrook Homes, which has over 3,000 single-family homes in greater Cincinnati, is among the most aggressive local landlords in bringing eviction proceedings, legal aid lawyers say.

How a fake online romance cost one man almost $300,000

Scammers have capitalized on the growing popularity of cryptocurrency. Here's how Mike, retired and single, lost $277,000 to a cryptocurrency romance scam.

Family shares carbon monoxide warning after daughter, 21, drowns on boat trip

Experts say carbon monoxide from a boat’s engine can build up, creating an invisible cloud of toxic gas.
619d ago

'Ridiculous' price of medical marijuana leaves patients scrambling

Many people who use the drug to treat chronic conditions are priced out of their state’s medical marijuana program.
695d ago

Police fired 24 shots at a handcuffed man. Why didn't they turn on their body cameras?

The case of Ariane McCree illustrates the patchwork nature of police body camera policies around the country.
753d ago

ACLU asks DHS to take action on complaints of abuse, misconduct by U.S. border agents

"The agency's internal oversight and discipline system failed to prevent abuses or hold personnel accountable," the ACLU said in a letter to DHS.
766d ago

Biden admin preparing plan to dramatically cut number of migrant families in ICE custody

“The goal is to wind down the number ... as much as possible,” said a person familiar with discussions. “But getting to zero overnight seems out of reach.”
768d ago

Biden admin lets migrants with extreme circumstances enter U.S. while awaiting asylum

"(The doctor) told me, 'Your cancer is in stage 3. You cannot play with this,'" said one woman who was allowed to enter. "'You have to get help now."
774d ago

Biden admin to begin processing asylum-seekers who were forced to 'Remain in Mexico' under Trump

Starting Feb. 19, immigrants forced to "Remain in Mexico" under Trump will be allowed to live in the U.S. while waiting for asylum rulings.

After a sexual assault, where can you get a medical and forensic exam?

There is a national shortage of nurses and doctors trained to conduct sexual assault forensic exams. NBC News mapped where they're available in each state.

Map: Where sexual assault forensic exams are available in your state

NBC News mapped sexual assault forensic exam providers across the U.S., then put a call out to see what we missed, adding nearly 100 more. Find one near you.