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Mike Hixenbaugh

Mike Hixenbaugh is a senior investigative reporter for NBC News, based in Maryland. 

Mike Hixenbaugh is a senior investigative reporter for NBC News, based in Maryland. 

Latest from Mike Hixenbaugh

A mother searched for her son for months — until NBC News discovered he’d been buried in a pauper’s field

Jonathan David Hankins went missing in May 2022. After months of calling officials, his mother learned through NBC News that he’d been buried in a pauper’s grave in Hinds County, Mississippi.
21d ago

Dexter Wade, buried alone in Mississippi, finally gets the funeral he was denied

Dexter Wade was run over by a police officer in Jackson, Mississippi, and buried in a pauper's grave. On Monday, he finally got the funeral he was denied.
46d ago

Meet the evangelical activist who’s had a 'profound influence' on Speaker Mike Johnson

David Barton has spent decades working to overturn church-state separation. He celebrated Speaker Mike Johnson's election as a turning point for evangelicals.
46d ago

The Texas GOP is at war with itself. The outcome could signal the national party’s future.

After a meeting between a white supremacist and influential conservative operatives, a long-simmering fight within the Texas GOP has exploded into open warfare.
61d ago

A transgender student, her crusading mom — and an English teacher caught in the middle

A mother in Grapevine, Texas, said an English teacher convinced her teenager to change genders. “I lost my son,” she said. Her transgender child tells a different story.
68d ago

Christian activists are fighting to glorify God in a suburban Texas school district

In the Grapevine, Texas, some voters say a nonpartisan school board election has divided locals and become a referendum over religion in schools
68d ago

Inside the anti-LGBTQ effort to put Christianity back in schools

The fight to elevate Christianity while restricting LGBTQ and transgender rights in schools is the focus of “Grapevine,” a new narrative podcast by NBC News Studios.
245d ago

How a Nashville suburb’s LGBTQ pride festival became a bitter flashpoint

The fight over Franklin Pride near Nashville, Tennessee, echoes earlier battles over LGBTQ acceptance and comes amid a backlash against transgender rights.

Some on the right blame gender identity and not guns for Nashville shooting

Some conservatives rushed to blame the Nashville shootings on the suspect’s gender identity, connecting the tragedy to their national crusade against transgender rights.
260d ago

Residents of Mississippi town destroyed by tornado continue search for loved ones

James Anderson was in bed when he heard the tornado’s roar.
260d ago

How did a police chase in Mississippi end with an innocent woman shot in her bedroom?

NBC News analyzed surveillance video showing a Mississippi Capitol Police officer appearing to shoot his gun in a predominantly Black Jackson apartment complex.