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Mike Memoli

Mike Memoli is an NBC News correspondent. 

Mike Memoli is an NBC News correspondent. 

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As Trump goes on trial, Biden goes to Pennsylvania

While Trump is in his hometown of New York this week for the start of his criminal trial, Biden plans to campaign in his birthplace of Scranton in battleground Pennsylvania.
9d ago

Progressives are gearing up for a platform fight on Israel at the Democratic convention

President Biden’s team is bracing for a potentially bruising and divisive battle over Israel at the Democratic convention.

Biden's strategy to reach tuned-out voters: Content over crowds

President Joe Biden’s recent battleground state campaign tour didn’t draw major crowds. But critically for the Biden campaign, it did produce a lot of content.

Biden and Democratic Party apparatus raised $90 million in March

The Biden campaign and its affiliated fundraising groups raised $90 million in March, nearly equaling what it raised in the first two months of 2024 combined.

Trump and GOP leaders push to change Nebraska electoral votes to winner-take-all

Donald Trump and Nebraska Gov. Jim Pillen are calling on the state’s legislature to change the way Nebraska doles out Electoral College votes.

Bridge collapse poses the first major challenge for Maryland Gov. Wes Moore, a Democratic rising star

After a Baltimore bridge collapse killed six people and shut down an international port, Maryland Gov. Wes Moore has stepped into the national spotlight this week, leading the response to the tragic, unforeseen catastrophe.

Biden's latest campaign strategy: Get under Trump's skin

Biden is turning to personal, biting and often sarcastic attacks against Trump in public and in private, including at a major New York City fundraiser.

Biden campaign to launch ad targeting former Nikki Haley voters

President Joe Biden's campaign, flush with cash after Thursday’s $26 million fundraiser in New York, is putting some of that advantage into a new ad that will directly aim to sway supporters of Nikki Haley to support the Democrat’s re-election.

3 presidents, celebrity performances and protester interruptions at Biden campaign's $26M fundraiser

President Joe Biden was joined Thursday by two of his Democratic predecessors for a star-studded fundraiser at Radio City Music Hall that his campaign said brought in more than $26 million.
26d ago

Biden aims to make North Carolina a top battleground — but Trump isn't worried yet

Trump won North Carolina by the narrowest margin in 2020. Now, Biden believes he can win it based on the changing demographics and bomb-throwing GOP nominees.