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Mohammed Syed

Mohammed Syed is a reporter for NBC News' social newsgathering team.

Mohammed Syed is a reporter for NBC News' social newsgathering team.

Latest from Mohammed Syed

42d ago

Graduating senior honors farm-worker parents with special photos

Jennifer Rocha began working in the fields with her parents when she was in high school.
47d ago

Four California officers on leave after video of suspect being punched, kicked during arrest

Three of the four arresting officers were in street clothes. Police vowed "appropriate actions" after an investigation.

'Everyone is touched by this': Indian diaspora feels collective grief over Covid crisis

Experts say the collective grief the community is experiencing is uniquely profound given that so many across the diaspora have been impacted.
64d ago

As bombs fall silent over Gaza and Israel, 'whole generation' of children face long term trauma

“It’s difficult to convince them that the future is bright,” said education coordinator Asad Ashour.
69d ago

This church program is accused of abusing teens with extreme 'boot camps,' 'fight nights' and shame

"What happens in the program stays in the program," one mother said former interns were told.
117d ago

Parents cheer news that Pfizer vaccine is safe for kids, but not everybody is convinced

"I was very concerned that my son would not be able to get vaccinated," a relieved Massachusetts mom said.
132d ago

Second person arrested in connection with alleged assault of San Francisco Uber driver

Arna Kimiai, 24, surrendered to authorities in San Francisco on March 14, according to police.
132d ago

Fresno Police Department looking into possible Proud Boys connection to city officer

A proposed sale of the Tower Theatre to a church has ignited protesters — and counter-protests by the far-right Proud Boys — in the central California town.
138d ago

Uber driver was pepper sprayed after ejecting rider without mask, police say

The driver picked up the rider in San Francisco, California and ended the ride shortly after realizing a rider was not wearing a face mask.
150d ago

Parents desperate to get their disabled kids vaccinated face big hurdle: CDC guidelines

"If I don't advocate for my son, nobody will," says the mom of a 13-year-old with Down syndrome and other medical issues.
159d ago

Texans struggling to stay warm in homes warned they might not see power for days

NBC News spoke with more than a half dozen Texans who all said they had one main concern: heat.