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Monica Alba

White House correspondent

Monica Alba is a White House correspondent for NBC News.

Monica Alba is a White House correspondent for NBC News.

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18h ago

The number of hostages still alive in Gaza is a mystery, officials say

More than six months after Hamas' attack on Israel, it remains unclear exactly how many of the hostages are still alive in Gaza, U.S. and Israeli officials say.

U.S. officials expect Israeli response to Iran strikes will be limited

U.S. officials expect a possible Israeli response to Iran’s attack over the weekend to be limited in scope and most likely involve strikes against Iranian military forces and Iranian-backed proxies outside Iran, four U.S. officials told NBC News.

Mike Johnson signals he won't put Senate supplemental on the floor despite increased pressure

House Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., on Sunday did not indicate that he would put the Senate-passed supplemental package on foreign aid on the floor this week, despite mounting pressure from Democrats and some GOP lawmakers to do so after Iran’s retaliatory strike against Israel.

Kamala Harris hammers Trump on abortion in Arizona visit

Vice President Kamala Harris on Friday went after former President Donald Trump in a visit to Arizona highlighting reproductive rights just days after the state's Supreme Court ruled that an 1864 near-total abortion ban is enforceable.
6d ago

House votes to renew FISA spying tool after earlier Republican revolt

The House voted to renew a powerful surveillance program on Friday, two days after a band of 19 conservative privacy hawks revolted against Republican leadership and blocked the legislation on the floor when their demands were not met.

Trump calls for more and earlier presidential debates with Biden

Donald Trump’s campaign is calling for more presidential debates to be held between the former president and Joe Biden, and for the proposed face-offs to begin as early as possible to ensure more Americans “have a full chance” to see the candidates in action before they cast their ballot.
8d ago

House Republicans are in chaos again as conservatives derail a key surveillance bill

Some House Republicans and Donald Trump are working to kill a bill to renew FISA Section 702 surveillance powers that are set to expire next week.

Biden campaign launches Arizona ad blitz on heels of abortion ruling

President Joe Biden’s re-election campaign launched a paid media blitz about reproductive rights in Arizona on Thursday, two days after the state’s Supreme Court upheld a near-total abortion ban dating to 1864.

How the Biden campaign quickly mobilized on Trump's abortion stance

President Joe Biden's campaign quickly launched an aggressive strategy to go after Trump's stance on abortion this week, with the larger effort led by Vice President Kamala Harris.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass pitches Rep. Barbara Lee to be the next U.S. housing secretary

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass is urging President Joe Biden to name a fellow Rep. Barbara Lee as the next secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Gaza soup kitchen bridges efforts from brothers thousands of miles apart

Hani and Mahmoud Almadhoun have started a soup kitchen funded largely by online donations.