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Morgan Sung

Morgan Sung is a trends reporter for NBC News Digital.

Morgan Sung is a trends reporter for NBC News Digital.

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TikTok users believe the moon phases trend reveals your ‘soulmate’

TikTok users are comparing the moon phases of the days they were born to those of their significant others. If the phases fit together to make a perfect full moon, they're soulmates.

Viral kids' star Ms. Rachel is taking a break from social media after backlash over co-star who uses they/them pronouns

TikTok creator and teacher Rachel Griffin Accurso, known online as Ms. Rachel, said she is temporarily stepping away from social media for her mental health.

TikTok is rolling out screen time limits and expanding family pairing

TikTok is rolling out features to curb screen time and expand parental involvement through family pairing.

How the East Palestine train derailment fueled fear on TikTok

The train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, has turned TikTok into a hotbed of misinformation and conspiracy theories, prompting people beyond the region to worry about potential repercussions of the chemical release.

How one teen is urging legislators in Washington state to help protect kids from being exploited on vlogs

A Washington state teenager is advocating for a bill to protect the privacy of the children of influencers.

M&M's spokescandies are 'back for good' after Maya Rudolph's Super Bowl ad debut

Maya Rudolph made her debut as M&M's new spokesperson during a Super Bowl ad, but was promptly replaced with the original candy mascots in a post-game "press conference."
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What is a 'borg' and why should college parents know about it?

What is a borg drink? A blackout rage gallon is the drink of choice for college students binge drinking. Is a borg party safe?

Borgs are taking over college parties, and TikTok. What exactly are they?

As borgs go viral, some harm reduction advocates — who don't condone binge drinking — have said the trend may actually mitigate the dangers of college drinking culture.

Allegations of mold in Kosas concealer have customers questioning the 'clean' beauty movement

Kosas is under fire after a months-old Reddit post about a consumer finding mold in its concealer resurfaced on TikTok — raising questions among consumers over the clean beauty movement.

One bride is trying to secure 14 Beyoncé tickets for her bachelorette party. Will she succeed?

After Ticketmaster botched the rollout of the Taylor Swift “Eras” tour tickets, Beyoncé fans are determined to bypass any chaos.

Mr. Beast's latest charity stunt draws criticism of the American health care system

Mr. Beast, a YouTuber known for his extravagant gifts and philanthropic stunts, paid for 1,000 surgeries to treat "curable blindness" in his most recent video.