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Nigel Chiwaya

Nigel Chiwaya is the Senior Editor, Data Viz for NBC News Digital.

Nigel Chiwaya is the Senior Editor, Data Viz for NBC News Digital.

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Covid deaths: Track the latest trends and current fatality count

NBC News is tracking deaths from Covid-19 in the United States and around the world. This data is updated weekly on Fridays.

Abortion law tracker: See where the procedure is currently legal, banned or restricted in the U.S.

NBC News is tracking the status of state-level abortion laws and restrictions across the United States now that the Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade

Inflation in America: Track where prices are rising

NBC News is tracking monthly inflation levels for gas, flights, groceries and more.
33d ago

Covid vaccinations: See the latest trend and count

Track Covid vaccinations and booster doses in the United States with these charts. This data is updated every Friday.

California flooding tracker: See which rivers are overflowing

Heavy snow in 2023 primed California for floods. NBC News is tracking river levels as the snow melts.

Presidential approval tracker: How popular is Joe Biden?

Compare Biden’s approval rating with that of Trump, Obama, Bush and Clinton. Updated regularly.

478 tornado reports across 25 states: How a mild winter led to destruction

The 2023 tornado season’s strong start may be linked to the mild winter it followed, experts say. Tornado activity can be associated with warmer temperatures.

School Shooting Tracker: Counting school shootings since 2013

NBC News is tracking school shootings. Here’s what we found.

Map: track where tornadoes have been reported across the Midwest

Tornadoes reports have come in from Illinois to Arkansas. See storm reports on an updated map.
91d ago

This national park has the highest death rate in the country

A spectacular but little-visited national park northeast of Seattle has a higher death rate than any other site in the park system, according to an NBC News analysis of 15 years of federal data.

Where Putin's war stands a year after Russia invaded Ukraine

Breaking down the numbers behind the Russia-Ukraine war, on the anniversary of Vladimir Putin's full-scale invasion.