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Rachel Elbaum

Rachel Elbaum is a London-based editor, producer and writer. 

Rachel Elbaum is a London-based editor, producer and writer. 

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270d ago

Stamps, seals and cereal boxes: What changes now that Charles is king?

After Queen Elizabeth II’s death, her portrait, insignia or initials will be phased out and replaced by those of King Charles III.
270d ago

The life and legacy of Britain’s longest-serving monarch

Queen Elizabeth II remained overwhelmingly popular throughout her 70 years as the United Kingdom's monarch, overseeing many transformations of the country.
271d ago

History hangs over Queen Elizabeth as she marks 70 years on throne

As Queen Elizabeth II is set to mark 70 years on the throne on Feb. 6, the monarchy faces era-defining threats that cast a shadow over its legacy.
271d ago

Queen gives Britain a glimpse of its life after her reign — whether it's ready or not

For many, Queen Elizabeth II is synonymous with the British monarchy. But as the country celebrated her platinum jubilee, she set the stage for the next royal era.

McDonald’s to sell its business in Russia

McDonald’s said Monday that it will sell its business in Russia after more than 30 years in the country.
386d ago

'Blood moon' puts on lunar display across parts of Americas, Europe and Africa

A lunar eclipse early Monday produced a "blood moon," which occurs when the sun, Earth and moon align, and the moon passes through the darkest part of Earth’s

Abortion laws worldwide: In what countries is abortion legal?

Where is abortion legal and where is abortion illegal? A guide explaining which countries allow abortion and which countries strictly restrict or outlaw abortion.

'We expected to die at any minute': Azovstal evacuees detail desperate situation inside Mariupol plant

Each night Natalya would check off her small calendar: another day survived underground and under Russian fire.

Ukraine loses contact with troops in 'heavy fighting' at Azovstal steel plant

Mariupol's mayor said he lost contact Wednesday with the city's last Ukrainian defenders in heavy fighting at the Azovstal steel plant.

How would Russia be held accountable if convicted of war crimes?

Ukraine’s Prosecutor General’s Office has already identified more than 200 members of Russia’s military and political leadership who they suspect of war crimes or other wrongdoing.

Horrifying images from Ukraine spark renewed calls for war crime investigations

Ukrainian officials shared photos and videos of what they said showed dozens of bodies in civilian clothing in the streets of Bucha, northwest of capital Kyiv.