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Rima Abdelkader

Rima Abdelkader is a senior reporter for Social Newsgathering at NBC News in New York.

Rima Abdelkader is a senior reporter for Social Newsgathering at NBC News in New York.

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Stripped, blindfolded and ‘humiliated’: Images show dozens of Palestinian men detained by Israeli forces in Gaza

Palestinian men stripped to their underwear, blindfolded and made to kneel while detained by Israeli soldiers in Gaza can be seen in images on social media.

Abandoned babies found decomposing in Gaza hospital weeks after it was evacuated

The cease-fire is over, but not before it offered a glimpse of the war’s horrors to Palestinians in Gaza and people around the world.

Videos appear to show Israeli soldiers abusing bound and blindfolded Palestinian detainees

Several videos have emerged on social media that appear to show Israeli troops abusing bound and blindfolded Palestinian detainees, some of whom are naked.
38d ago

Amy Schumer gets response from MLK’s daughter after tweeting video of his support for Israel

After comedian Amy Schumer posted a video featuring clips of Martin Luther King Jr. speaking in support of Israel and denouncing antisemitism, his daughter Bernice King felt compelled to clarify what her father’s stance would be on the war between Israel and Hamas.

Near-total internet and cellular blackout hits Gaza as Israel ramps up strikes

A near-total blackout of internet and cellphone service has taken hold across much of the Gaza Strip, according to witnesses there and companies that monitor global connectivity.

Americans stuck in Gaza are forced to wait for key land crossing to open

The Rafah border crossing is the only land route out of Gaza not controlled by the Israeli government, and when there is no fighting it is rarely more than an hour’s drive from most places in the Palestinian territory.

Human rights watchdog says Israel has used white phosphorus weapons in Gaza

A human rights watchdog group said Thursday that Israel’s military has used white phosphorus munitions in recent days in Gaza and Lebanon,.

Misinformation about Israel and Hamas is spreading on social media

As one of the largest invasions in 50 years unfolded on the streets, sea and skies over Israel, misinformation about the assault proliferated on social media.
63d ago

She entered the subway without a headscarf. What happened next?

NBC News reviewed security footage from the Tehran metro station that appears to show 16-year-old Armita Geravand, hospitalized after an alleged assault by the morality police.
103d ago

Spanish prosecutors investigating soccer president who kissed World Cup player

Spanish prosecutors opened an investigation of Spain's soccer federation chief, officials said Monday, in connection with his kiss on the lips of a player shortly after Spain won the World Cup.

Michelle Yeoh marries fiancé Jean Todt after 19-year engagement, holds Oscar in wedding pics

Michelle Yeoh married Jean Todt this week, 19 years after the motorsports executive proposed to the Academy Award-winning actor — and she even held an Oscar statue in wedding photos.