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Robin Muccari

Robin Muccari is a data visualizations and graphics designer for NBC News Digital. 

Robin Muccari is a data visualizations and graphics designer for NBC News Digital. 

Latest from Robin Muccari

Graphic: Track grocery price trends

NBC News is tracking changes in grocery prices to monitor the impact on consumers’ food bills.

Graphic: Coronavirus deaths in the U.S., per day

More than 1 million people have died in the U.S. of Covid-19. Track which states are getting hit the hardest and which direction the country's death rate is going. Updated daily.
615d ago

The cost of groceries is soaring. Track prices where you live

Use this interactive chart to track the price of popular supermarket staples such as bacon, bread, eggs and orange juice.
808d ago

'Ridiculous' price of medical marijuana leaves patients scrambling

Many people who use the drug to treat chronic conditions are priced out of their state’s medical marijuana program.

INTERACTIVE: See before and after photos of Florida condo building collapse

A 12-story building in Surfside, just north of Miami Beach, partially collapsed, leaving at least one dead and 10 injured, officials said. Scores more were unaccounted for.
1005d ago

Coronavirus timeline: Tracking the critical moments of Covid-19

The outbreak has caused hundreds of thousands of deaths, citywide quarantines, and cancellations of major international events.
1069d ago

Unemployment claims by state: See how COVID-19 has destroyed the job market

States have taken the coronavirus hit differently. See the per-state jobless numbers and how they’ve changed.
1090d ago

The vice presidential debate by the numbers: topic, attack and interruption tracker

How many interruptions, how many attacks, and how long the candidates spent on the topics.
1098d ago

This is how much time the candidates spent attacking each other at the first presidential debate

We tracked the topics the candidates talked about during debate. Here’s what we found.
1208d ago

Reopening America: All 50 states have begun to reopen. See what that means for your state.

See were access to some beaches, restaurants, hair salons, barbershops and state parks will be available.
1218d ago

Seeing the scale: Visualizing the 100,000 American coronavirus deaths

The number of people who died of COVID-19 is immense. This is how it looks alongside other U.S. health crises, wars and catastrophes that have killed thousands.