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Sahil Kapur

Senior National Political Reporter

Sahil Kapur is a senior national political reporter for NBC News.

Sahil Kapur is a senior national political reporter for NBC News.

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House passes 45-day funding bill, likely avoiding a government shutdown

The latest news and updates on whether the U.S. government will shutdown.

Conservative rebels tank McCarthy’s funding bill, raising odds of a shutdown

Conservatives block House Republicans' short-term funding bill, likely causing a government shutdown on Sunday.
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GOP senators say they won't stop Democrats from replacing Feinstein on Judiciary Committee

Top Republican senators said Friday they won’t try to prevent Democrats from replacing the late Sen. Dianne Feinstein on the Judiciary Committee.

Democrats challenge 'MIA' GOP centrists to team up and keep the government open

Top Democrats are calling on centrist House Republicans to join them on a discharge petition to go around Speaker Kevin McCarthy and avoid a government shutdown.

A federal government shutdown could upend Virginia's elections

Government shutdowns have traditionally hurt Republicans in Virginia, which could throw a wrench into Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s goals in the 2023 election.

House Republican opposition to Ukraine aid grows, threatening funds as war rages

A growing Republican divide over U.S. aid to Ukraine is central to a fight over a government shutdown and whether to continue funding the conflict with Russia.

Congress races against time to avert a shutdown in 3 days, facing bleak prospects

With just a few days to figure out a solution, Congress is still moving in different directions in its dispute over how to get around a government shutdown.

6 key takeaways from the second Republican debate of 2023

Major moments from the second Republican debate, including who stood out, key interactions and which issues created the biggest stir.

Senate introduces a bipartisan bill to keep the government open through Nov. 17

Senate leaders released a short-term funding bill Tuesday to avoid a government shutdown at the end of the month.

McCarthy's dilemma: Save his speakership or keep the government open

Kevin McCarthy faces an unenviable choice this week: keep his job as speaker or team up with Democrats to prevent a government shutdown.

Trump breaks with McCarthy, pushing Republicans to shut down the government

Former President Donald Trump endorsed a government shutdown if his allies in Congress don't get major spending cuts in a fight with Speaker Kevin McCarthy.