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Sandra Lilley

Sandra Lilley is managing editor of NBC Latino.   

Sandra Lilley is managing editor of NBC Latino.   

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49d ago

Former Puerto Rico Gov. Carlos Romero Barceló dies at 88

Carlos Romero Barceló, a former Puerto Rico governor and an advocate of Puerto Rican statehood, is dead at 88.

In Patricia Engel's 'Infinite Country,' three generations' enduring bonds are tested by migration

"The book asks the question — how does a family remain a family through distance and time," said the Latina author, whose new novel has garnered advance praise.
129d ago

Analysis: Latino Republican Senators Cruz, Rubio and the backing of Trump's caudillo playbook

Donald Trump disrupted the rule of law and democratic norms, behavior familiar to Latinos whose families have left authoritarian countries and the kind Cruz and Rubio denounce.
153d ago

'Language matters': Obama inaugural poet Richard Blanco says poetry can help us heal

Poetry can see beyond the "abstract language of sociopolitical jargon and arrive at greater truths," said Blanco, who was the country's first Latino and openly gay inaugural poet.
182d ago

Pick of Alex Padilla for senator in California cheered as a 'milestone' for Latinos

"It's a historic moment," said NALEO's Arturo Vargas, as Padilla will become the first Latino in the Senate from a state that was once a part of Mexico, and where 1 in 3 residents are Latino.
204d ago

High school junior is first Wisconsin teenager to die from Covid-19, officials say

Isai Morocho was an 11th-grader at East High School in Madison, where campuses have been closed since March.
397d ago

Volkswagen apologizes for 'racist advertising' of black man being pushed by white hands

The German automaker harshly took itself to task, even citing the company's troubling history under the Nazi regime in its apology..
464d ago

Puerto Rico imposes curfew, closings to contain coronavirus spread

Puerto Rico has confirmed five cases of coronavirus, but there are at least 17 other suspected cases.
466d ago

What's holding America back? 'Racial hostility,' author Eduardo Porter says

American society is collapsing "into a heap of pathologies simply due to a lack of empathy."
470d ago

'Hell for women': In Mexico, women strike, march against gender killings, sexual abuse

"We're in danger and we have to do something for our security and our lives," said a woman who stayed home from work as part of Monday's "Day without a Woman."

Chefs José Andrés, Andrew Zimmern on immigration and food in 'What's Eating America'

"Immigrants, migrants, documented and undocumented people touch every plate of food," said Zimmern, host of the new show.