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Saphora Smith

Saphora Smith is a London-based reporter for NBC News Digital. 

Saphora Smith is a London-based reporter for NBC News Digital. 

Latest from Saphora Smith

2d ago

Hard-liner Raisi's 'engineered' Iran election win entrenches conservative rule

The sense that the vote served more as a coronation than a democratic exercise appeared to boost an already widespread sense of apathy among many Iranians.
6d ago

Jeffrey Epstein accuser Virginia Roberts Giuffre testifies against modeling agent Jean-Luc Brunel

Giuffre told NBC News in 2019 that Jeffrey Epstein told her he slept with "over a thousand women that Brunel brought in." Brunel denies wrongdoing.
7d ago

Israeli military says it launched airstrike at Gaza over incendiary balloons

It is the first violence since a cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinians last month ended 11 days of fighting.
9d ago

Netanyahu era ends in Israel as new government survives key parliament vote

"He’s been here for so many years, and won so many elections, that for so many Israelis it’s difficult to imagine any other reality," said one analyst.
12d ago

New Zealand's Māori may have been first humans to set eyes on Antarctica, study finds

The study said Māori participation in Antarctic voyages and expeditions has continued to the present day "but is rarely acknowledged or highlighted.”
14d ago

10 killed in 'heinous' attack on mine-clearing charity in Afghanistan

The Afghan Interior Ministry blamed the Taliban for the attack. The Taliban denied any involvement.
20d ago

Netanyahu opponents seal deal on new government in Israel to oust longtime prime minister

Netanyahu's unrivaled ability to cling to power, through conflict, corruption charges and countless elections, appears to have come to an end.
22d ago

In Israeli city of Lod, competing Jewish, Arab narratives burst into the open

The strife speaks to bigger forces swirling around Israel as it tries to reconcile competing identities and versions of history.
23d ago

Netanyahu's enemies may have a deal, but they haven't got a government yet

“This is the most difficult coalition to build in Israel’s history and it’s far from done,” said Anshel Pfeffer, who wrote a biography of Netanyahu.
33d ago

Israel-Hamas truce greeted with relief, skepticism — and celebration in Gaza

With hundreds dead, parts of Gaza in ruins and Israel facing fierce internal divisions, the truce was greeted on the street with a mix of joy, relief and skepticism.
35d ago

Israel and Hamas trade attacks after Biden expresses support for cease-fire

Israel has also thanked the Biden administration for blocking a U.N. Security Council statement criticizing its actions in Gaza.