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Latest from Sarah Posner

6d ago

The radical Christian group that is still getting a pass on Jan. 6

Materials the House Jan. 6 committee released show a deeper link between Christian nationalism and the insurrection than revealed in its final report.
10d ago

The rocky marriage between Trump and evangelicals won't lead to a separation

Roughly half of white evangelicals believe Donald Trump should be the Republican nominee for president in 2024 and half prefer someone else.
19d ago

The Christian right's mounting attacks on trans youth

Two court cases illustrate how religious conservatives' campaign threatens the health and well-being of trans young people.
44d ago

Kellyanne Conway’s connection to Trump’s right-wing ‘judge whisperer’ doesn’t look good

A new report raise fresh questions about the network of dark money groups controlled by Leonard Leo, a central figure in the right's judicial takeover.
52d ago

The major role of Christian nationalism on Jan. 6

Christian nationalism “is a political ideology and cultural framework that seeks to fuse American and Christian identities,” explained Amanda Tyler, executive
57d ago

Why the Christian right's falsehoods didn’t stop marriage equality

Dozens of Republicans broke with the religious right to back marriage equality, but the broader alliance is far from doomed.
72d ago

The Hobby Lobby leak looks bad for Justice Alito. But that’s not the worst part.

The real story is the religious right's growing influence over the Supreme Court.
78d ago

Any Republican nominee will have to pander to extremism

While Donald Trump was unopposed in his last run for the Republican presidential nomination, he is far more likely to face opposition this cycle.
89d ago

Ron DeSantis' bonkers new ad has to be seen to be believed

On the eighth day, his campaign tells us, God sent Ron DeSantis to save America.
977d ago

From St. John's Episcopal Church to pandemic response, Trump co-opts religion to woo the religious right

In his push to open churches, and brandishing a bible during protests, Trump is signaling the religious right that he is their man.