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Latest from Sarah Posner

7d ago

The sneaky, spiteful new way Republicans are working to undermine LGBTQ groups

House Republicans are quietly trying to use a normally inconspicuous congressional budget process to make life for LGBTQ Americans as repressive as possible.
35d ago

Marjorie Taylor Greene’s attempts to out-Jesus Mike Johnson aren’t going to work

All eyes are on Marjorie Taylor Greene’s threat to oust Speaker Mike Johnson as he attempts to shepherd a package of foreign aid bills through the House of Representatives.
45d ago

A Hobby Lobby plot twist marks a win for abortion rights in Indiana

An Indiana court, by finding that people with deeply held religious beliefs permitting abortions, should have access, fairly applies religious liberty law.
50d ago

Trump's 'Christian Day of Visibility' tantrum is also a warning

At a campaign rally in Wisconsin on Tuesday, Donald Trump decried President Biden for issuing a White House proclamation of March 31 as the annual Trans Day of Visibility, which this year happened to fall on Easter.
54d ago

Trump’s ‘God Bless USA’ Bible isn’t about faith. It’s about revenge.

Just in time for Easter, cash-strapped Donald Trump’s new moneymaking scheme is a “God Bless the USA” Bible.
93d ago

Alabama’s embryos ruling is a terrifying preview of another Trump presidency

Last week, the Alabama Supreme Court ruled that embryos frozen for in vitro fertilization, or IVF, procedures are “children” under state law.
120d ago

Thanks to the Supreme Court, attacks on LGBTQ rights are exploding

The current Supreme Court has bestowed gifts on Christian right activists and GOP state lawmakers, rather than antagonizing them.
129d ago

How Trump became Iowa evangelicals’ chosen one

Trump’s comfortable win in the Iowa caucuses shows that in a Republican electorate dominated by white evangelicals, no rival can touch him — even Ron DeSantis.
138d ago

Trump just promised an authoritarian ‘task force’ to impose Christian ideology

In recent campaign stops and on social media, Donald Trump has reprised lies aimed at inciting his Christian-right base against Joe Biden.
153d ago

In a year of anti-LGBTQ backlash, Hallmark’s Christmas movies are a welcome sign of progress

Hallmark’s new line-up of holiday films is normalizing gay and lesbian romance. Conservatives are so dismayed, they’ve started a new family network.
163d ago

This conservative ‘mandate’ is a terrifying preview of Christianized government

The Heritage Foundation's "Mandate for Leadership 2025: The Conservative Promise" lays out the blueprint for Trump's possible second term.