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Scott Wong

Scott Wong is a senior congressional reporter for NBC News. 

Scott Wong is a senior congressional reporter for NBC News. 

Latest from Scott Wong

3d ago

Speaker Mike Johnson meets with Trump and gets his praise amid threats to his job

With his job in jeopardy, House Speaker Mike Johnson plans to meet with former President Donald Trump with a speech on "election integrity" Friday.
3d ago

House votes to renew FISA spying tool after earlier Republican revolt

The House voted to renew a powerful surveillance program on Friday, two days after a band of 19 conservative privacy hawks revolted against Republican leadership and blocked the legislation on the floor when their demands were not met.
3d ago

Marjorie Taylor Greene held Trump stock. Now that it's tanking, she won't say what happened to it.

Former President Donald Trump's DJT stock is tanking and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, who purchased shares in DWAC in 2021, isn't eager to discuss it.

Japanese PM Fumio Kishida addresses U.S. 'self-doubt' about world role in remarks to Congress

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida asserted in an address to a joint meeting of Congress on Thursday that his country stands with the U.S. at a time when history is at a turning point.
4d ago

House Republicans are in chaos again as conservatives derail a key surveillance bill

Some House Republicans and Donald Trump are working to kill a bill to renew FISA Section 702 surveillance powers that are set to expire next week.
6d ago

Republicans delay DHS Secretary Mayorkas' impeachment trial until next week

House Republicans will delay the impeachment trial of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas until next week.

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass pitches Rep. Barbara Lee to be the next U.S. housing secretary

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass is urging President Joe Biden to name a fellow Rep. Barbara Lee as the next secretary of Housing and Urban Development.
7d ago

Republicans can't force a Mayorkas impeachment trial, but they'll try to make it painful for Democrats

Senate Democrats hope to quickly dismiss the DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas impeachment but Republicans plan to make it politically painful.

Speaker Johnson faces Ukraine aid dilemma and a threat to his job as Congress returns

House Speaker Mike Johnson faces a threat to his job, a need to pass aid for Ukraine and Israel and a FISA reauthorization deadline in the next few weeks.
18d ago

House to send DHS Secretary Mayorkas' impeachment to Senate on April 10, Speaker Mike Johnson says

WASHINGTON — Speaker Mike Johnson, R-La., notified Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N

House leaves for a two-week break — without addressing Ukraine aid

U.S. aid for Ukraine in its war against Russia is still up in the air as the House has failed to act.