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Shako Liu

Video Producer

Shako Liu is a video producer for NBC News Video Features.

Shako Liu is a video producer for NBC News Video Features.

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Anti-Asian hate spurs L.A. writer to relearn Cantonese, embrace her culture

Amid the backdrop of a 339 percent increase in hate crimes, some Asian Americans said they want to feel more connected to their culture, including re-embracing their Asian names, their languages and their identities.

Laotian American truck driver took leave from work, sold car to stop anti-Asian hate

“I never thought I would have to step up and become this person I am today," said a local leader of Asians With Attitudes, a Chinatown patrol group.
1198d ago

Dads married to doctors have expanded parenting during COVID-19

“I try to be more creative as a father during this time and figure out new ways to entertain the kids,” Curtis Webster, Jr. said.
1274d ago

During pandemic, essential workers brave through fears and fill critical needs

“I feel that I’m bringing something that’s more than just a box. It’s bringing healing and hope,” Ben Hertle said.
1291d ago

'Stay strong': People worldwide adjust to new life amid COVID-19

“Having parents that fall in the high-risk category and being a health provider yourself isn’t easy at all, and my wife feels the same way and exposing her parents,” Dr. Jalal Baig said.
1379d ago

Grim Christmas again for kids 'cheated' out of childhood by W. Virginia's opioid crisis

“They feel cheated that they didn’t get to be a child, that they didn’t have years of being carefree,” the director of Camp Mariposa said.
1422d ago

Rural police struggle to recruit amid poor pay and public perception

Attracting recruits to work for rural police departments is increasingly difficult, especially as most new officers choose to work in better staffed and better paying urban areas.
1453d ago

This teen had a disease so rare, it didn't have a name. His legacy could help countless others

A mysterious neurological disorder killed Mitchell Herndon. By donating his body to research, his family hopes to save others with degenerative brain conditions.
1606d ago

They don't know if their children will ever walk or talk. But finding other families online has given them hope.

Rare diseases used to be little more than a mystifying label. Now those who are told they are one-of-a-kind are finding others like them.
1614d ago

For some millennials, climate change clock ticks louder than biological one

“I had this internal struggle: ‘Do I really want to bring a child into this world?’” a Seattle 29-year-old said.