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Suzanne Gamboa

Senior Writer

Suzanne Gamboa is a national reporter for NBC Latino and

Suzanne Gamboa is a national reporter for NBC Latino and

Latest from Suzanne Gamboa

Harris rallies for Biden's abortion rights and immigration priorities at Hispanic conference

Vice President Kamala Harris and Biden Latino Cabinet members addressed Latino congressional Democrats as recent polls show Trump has gained ground in polls of Latino and Black voters.

The 'no sabo kids' are pushing back on Spanish-language shaming

Young Latinos known as"no sabo kids" are hits on TikTok and social media for defying the language shaming that comes with not speaking perfect Spanish.
16d ago

Senate confirms Federal Reserve's first Latina governor in its 109-year history

The Senate on Thursday confirmed Colombian American economist Adriana Kugler as a Federal Reserve governor, making her the first Latina to join the Fed Board in its 109-year history.
17d ago

Bill Richardson loved his Latino culture but fought being pigeonholed

Latino leaders remember Bill Richardson as a mentor and someone who fiercely loved his culture without letting himself be pigeonholed or defined by it.
33d ago

DOJ and Texas face off in court over border buoys to deter migrants after state moves barrier to U.S. side

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is defending its use of buoys in the Rio Grande to deter migrants in court after it was sued by the Justice Department.

Hilary leaves Southern California farmworkers in dire straits without work

Tropical storm Hilary swept through rural parts of California, leaving already vulnerable farmworkers questioning how they will survive.
39d ago

Most of the Texas border buoys, installed to deter migrants, are in Mexican territory, study shows

Texas leaders have said they're experiencing an "invasion" at the border but buoys set up as barriers have breached Mexican territory, an international body found.
40d ago

Who took the water barrels meant to help migrants on the searing hot Texas border?

Barrels with water jugs along the hot Texas border meant for migrants and others are missing, and a group thinks the anti-immigrant atmosphere may be a factor.
51d ago

Texas A&M will pay $1M to Black professor following botched hiring and internal review

An internal review of Texas A&M's botched hiring of Black journalist and scholar Kathleen McElroy after conservative backlash stated mistakes were made but said race wasn't a factor.
58d ago

A persistent gap in mental health aid has left Latino communities unprepared for crisis

The gap in mental health care access for Latinos impacts individuals and their communities as Hispanic legislators introduced a bill to address barriers and raise awareness.
61d ago

Harris slams 'extremists' on immigration: ‘Inhumane, outrageous and un-American’

Vice Pres. Kamala Harris touted Biden's economic achievements as she addressed the Latino group UnidosUS but excoriated "extremists" on abortion, immigration, voting and other "freedoms."