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Suzy Khimm

Suzy Khimm is a national investigative reporter for NBC News based in Washington, D.C.

Suzy Khimm is a national investigative reporter for NBC News based in Washington, D.C.

Latest from Suzy Khimm

The Uvalde school district had an extensive safety plan. 19 children were killed anyway.

After the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting, experts said that even security plans that appear to be up to the latest standards may have gaps and fall short.
51d ago

Lead poisoning tests plunged during the pandemic. Kids still aren’t getting screened.

Childhood testing for lead poisoning fell steeply at the beginning of the pandemic, and it hasn't rebounded, new data shows.
190d ago

Generators poison thousands of people a year. The U.S. has failed to force safety changes. 

Portable generators, which emit carbon monoxide, are among the deadliest consumer products. Two decades after the government identified the danger, people are left vulnerable by a system that lets the industry regulate itself.
274d ago

U.S. scrutinizes nursing home evacuation rules after Hurricane Ida deaths

Nursing home residents evacuated to an overcrowded Louisiana facility slept on wet mattresses and lacked adequate food, lawsuits and state reports allege.
301d ago

Texas isn't doing enough to prevent carbon monoxide deaths, critics say

Months after the deadly gas killed at least 17 Texans during a storm, lawmakers have not taken significant action to protect most of the state’s residents.
315d ago

As deadly heat waves spread, access to air conditioning becomes a lifesaving question

The summer heat is most dangerous for low-income communities, where many lack air conditioning. Housing advocates want to change that.
316d ago

Inside the chaotic response to a 911 call in Texas: 'Half of the family just disappeared'

Following a 911 call, first responders arrived at a home. No one answered the door, so they left. Inside, an entire family was being poisoned by carbon monoxide.
318d ago

Texas enabled the worst carbon monoxide poisoning catastrophe in recent U.S. history

A family used their car to stay warm when a storm brought down the Texas power grid. In a state that doesn’t require CO alarms, they had no warning they were poisoning themselves.

Biden administration weakens some proposed safety rules for public housing, alarming advocates

Housing industry groups said some of HUD's proposed requirements would be too costly. But they now fall short of nationally adopted safety codes.
370d ago

Biden's pledge to boost home caregiver funding excluded from infrastructure deal

Hundreds of thousands of elderly and disabled Americans are on waiting lists for home caregivers. A proposal to help them is caught in political limbo.
388d ago

Why Senate Democrats reversed few of Trump's 'midnight rules'

The inaction disappointed some progressive advocates, who had urged Democrats in Congress to strike the Trump-era rules as quickly as possible.