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Tyler Kingkade

Tyler Kingkade is a national reporter for NBC News, based in Los Angeles.

Tyler Kingkade is a national reporter for NBC News, based in Los Angeles.

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8d ago

Biden admin proposes sweeping changes to Title IX to undo Trump-era rules

The Biden administration proposed sweeping changes Thursday to federal rules under the gender equity law Title IX that would revoke Trump administration
11d ago

Most of Yellowstone to reopen within 2 weeks following influx of cash for repairs

The federal government plans to pump $50 million into fast-tracking road repairs in Yellowstone National Park after record-breaking floods.
11d ago

1 dead, 8 injured in Harlem shooting, police say

One person was killed and eight other people were injured in a shooting in Harlem, New York, early Monday, police said.

Uvalde shooting renews push for ‘red flag’ laws — 4 years after Texas Republicans blocked one

The Uvalde, Texas, school shooting has spurred lawmakers across the country to take a fresh look at red flag laws, calling for new ones and strengthening existing statutes.
63d ago

She told her Christian college she was raped. Then she was banned from campus.

Mara Louk filed a Title IX complaint against Visible Music College, a Christian school in Memphis, Tennessee.
85d ago

A Texas teacher faces losing her job after fighting for gay pride symbols in school

A battle over rainbow stickers at MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, has hobbled the Gay-Straight Alliance and left LGBTQ students feeling unsafe.
103d ago

Doctors fighting racial health disparities face threats, harassment

Doctors focused on racial health inequities are facing unprecedented pushback, the latest extension of the national furor over critical race theory.
113d ago

Idaho lawmakers seek to punish parents who take trans youth to other states for health care

The Idaho House passed legislation to make it a crime punishable by life in prison for a parent to seek gender-affirming health care for their transgender child.
130d ago

'Paper terrorism': Parents against mask mandates bombard school districts with sham legal claims

A group called Bonds for the Win is organizing parents to file claims against school districts’ insurance policies, taking a page from the sovereign citizen playbook.
162d ago

They fought critical race theory. Now they’re focusing on ‘curriculum transparency.’

Conservative activists want schools to post lesson plans online, but free speech advocates warn these policies could lead to more censorship in K-12 schools.
192d ago

'Startling': Americans feel increased anxiety as Covid cases surge

As Covid cases surge, many Americans and their are contending with difficult choices and an anxiety that the nation's fight against Covid has regressed.