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Vicky Nguyen

Vicky Nguyen is the senior consumer investigative correspondent for NBC News. See her reports on "TODAY," "Nightly News with Lester Holt," MSNBC and NBC News Now.

Vicky Nguyen is the senior consumer investigative correspondent for NBC News. See her reports on "TODAY," "Nightly News with Lester Holt," MSNBC and NBC News Now.

Latest from Vicky Nguyen

30d ago

Blinded by the light: Cars in the U.S. still lack glare-reducing headlights

Last year, the U.S. began allowing a headlight technology to improve nighttime visibility and reduce glare. But there are still no vehicles with it for sale.
116d ago

NYC fire boss asks federal gov't to crack down on substandard lithium-ion batteries and e-bikes after fatal fires

After fatal battery fires, New York’s top fire official has asked the U.S. government to do more to seize substandard lithium-ion batteries and regulate e-bikes.
123d ago

An exploding problem: Fires sparked by lithium batteries are confounding firefighters

With the number of fires caused by lithium batteries soaring across the U.S., firefighters say the training needed to fight them effectively is lagging in many places.
229d ago

America's cars and trucks are getting bigger, and so are their front blind zones. Children are paying the price.

As Americans drive more large SUVs and pickup trucks with big front blind zones, deaths of children hit in driveways and parking lots are rising.
295d ago

Frustrated pharmacists are opting out of the insurance system, saving some customers hundreds of dollars a month

By opting out of the insurance system, cash pharmacies sell common drugs without inflated prices. Consumers say they are reaping the benefits.
301d ago

At some coffee shops, dairy-free milk isn't free

Coffee lovers in the U.S. are increasingly opting for nondairy milk in their drinks, but several major chains charge extra for it.

How a sailor reunited with the Vietnamese refugees he helped rescue after fall of Saigon

Lisa Dam fled Vietnam in 1978 with 50 other people, only to find themselves lost in the South China Sea, adrift on a fishing boat.

How a fake online romance cost one man almost $300,000

Scammers have capitalized on the growing popularity of cryptocurrency. Here's how Mike, retired and single, lost $277,000 to a cryptocurrency romance scam.

Payday lenders can send borrowers into tailspin. How one woman broke free.

One day, Jennifer Williams borrowed $200 from a payday lender. Years later, she was still struggling to escape what she called "quicksand." Then she got help.
526d ago

The latest worker shortage may affect your health: Pharmacies don't have enough staff to keep up with prescriptions

Pharmacy technicians are quitting in waves, saying they’re being asked to do too much with too little pay, increasing the possibility of prescription mistakes.

'It’s an easy fast dollar': How organized retail theft rings in one Ohio town use Facebook Marketplace to sell stolen goods

How internet-savvy criminals in one Ohio town shoplift pricey items from big-box retailers and then sell the loot on Facebook Marketplace and similar sites.