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A better way to walk on the ice, according to a stuntman

How to walk on ice without falling: A professional stuntman shows how to channel your inner penguin.

Ever wonder why penguins can gracefully get across the ice, and whenever we try, we fall *splat* on our backs?

Well, it turns out that the trick of the trade is their signature waddle, which allows them to keep their balance so they can swiftly get across slippery surfaces.

We talked to Femi Olagoke, a professional stuntman, for advice on how to get across the ice as easily as penguins do. It turns out all you have to do is take a page out of the winter expert's book and think like a penguin.

Here are three things that you can do to walk (or waddle) across the ice with more ease:

1. Don’t kick your legs back with each stride

Instead, take small, calculated steps.

2. Keep your torso straight and in line with your legs

By standing up straight and keeping your torso in a straight line with your legs, you gain control over your balance and footing.

3. Keep your arms at your side

Swinging your arms is a natural motion to do when walking down the street. But on ice, you should try to avoid it. Try to keep your arms close to the sides of your body to avoid losing your center of gravity.

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