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Clean With Vodka: The Boozy Way to Keep Odor at Bay

We don't know what this says for your liver, but turns out Vodka is a great natural cleaner. Check out these six ways to use it around the house.

by Emily Slawek /

A Better Way to Clean: Use Vodka


Ever been stuck with too much bottom-shelf booze after a big celebration, wondering what in the world to do with these five gallons of cheap vodka?

Don't start pouring it down the drain — your cheap vodka is actually a fantastic cleaner. Turns out vodka can be used for many of the same tasks as vinegar, such as degreasing, deodorizing and disinfecting. Green cleaning experts say it's a great choice for anyone sensitive to smell.

Kitchen counters:

A great alternative to Clorox or 409 is vodka. Disinfect your kitchen surface with a couple of spritzes and wipe away the mess.

Cutting boards:

It can be challenging to clean in between every nook and cranny of wooden cutting boards. Vodka can help make the process easier—spray down the cutting board, let it sit for a couple of minutes and then rinse it off. Almost good as new.

Mirrors and windows:

Out of Windex? Spray some vodka and wipe away any dust and fingerprints. You'll have a streak-free mirror in no time.

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Soap scum and mildew are some of the worst (and grossest) things to get rid of. Spray some vodka, rinse, and wipe away.


Fill a spray bottle with vodka and some essential oils for a quick and effective deodorizer. Freshen up your linens with a spray.


Smelly shoes? Spray with vodka (mixed with essential oil if desired) and the scent is gone. We'll toast to that!


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A Better Way to Clean: Use Vodka



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