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4 Useful Things You Can Do With Stale Beer

Use these beer hacks around your house this summer to get the most out of every single drop.

by Brianna Steinhilber /

4 Surprising Ways to Use Beer This Labor Day Weekend


This weekend, many of us will gather in a park or backyard for the unofficial kickoff to summer — and barbecue season!

Which means lots of beer will be consumed: Sales of the bubbly beverage begin to increase in May, peaking during the late summer, when we’re all spending hot, lazy weekends gathered around our grill.

If you find yourself the host of a summer party, it’s likely you’ll wake up to a dozen half empty beer bottles scattered around the yard. But resist the urge to dump them out! You may be surprised to learn some of the ways you can put those flat suds to use. Use these four beer hacks around your house this summer to get the most out of every single drop:

1. Remove stains

Next time you spill coffee on the rug during a groggy Monday morning, reach for some stale beer leftover from your Sunday Funday. Just pour over the stain and blot with a clean towel.

2. Restore wood

Has your coffee table seen better days? Use flat beer on a clean cloth to restore the luster to wood furniture.

3. Add shine to hair

Time to crack open a shower beer. It turns out that beer can add shine and body to dull hair — thanks to the vitamin B and natural sugars in the beverage. Dump it over your hair, let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it out with cold water.

4. Ward off bugs

Citronella candles not doing getting the job done? If your guests are getting eaten alive, pour stale beer into buckets and place them in the corners of your backyard. It turns out, small flies and mosquitos are a fan of a cold lager, too. Meaning they will be busy imbibing, and not nibbling on you.

Now crack open a cold one and put it to its best use — washing down that burger! Cheers!

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