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Note to Job Applicants: Don't Text Nude Selfies to HR Manager

An Illinois man weighing a job offer accidentally texted two nude selfies to the company's HR manager.

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Daniel Ochoa de Olza / AP

This selfie went horribly wrong.

Shortly after being offered a job, an Illinois man texted two nude selfies – apparently accidentally -- to the human resources manager that was interested in hiring him.

The Chicago Tribune, which first reported the incident, said the man later called the St. Charles, Illinois, company to follow up on his job offer. The HR manager then recognized the number matched the one that sent the pictures.

An Elmhurst police incident report said the man “admitted to sending the photographs, explaining they were actually meant for another individual and were sent to the victim in error.”

The HR manager did not press any charges, but police instructed the man to no longer contact her.

The Tribune said the man’s job offer was retracted.

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