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How to Chill a Bottle of Wine Fast

Two (almost) magical methods for getting that bottle of wine from warm to perfectly chilled in a flash.

by Margaret O'Malley /

A Better Way to Chill a Bottle of Wine


You get home from a hard, long day at work and that bottle of rosé you bought last weekend is calling your name. The problem? It's sitting in your wine rack, warm and undrinkable. Your internal Veruca Salt is screaming, "I want my wine — and I want it now!" Don't panic — or stash the bottle in the freezer for the next 45 minutes. We've got a better way.

Jeff Rossen, NBC News National Investigative Correspondent and host of Rossen Reports, has two too-good-to-be-true tricks for getting that bottle of wine chilled and in your wine glass or on the table — stat.

The Paper Towel Method

How long? 15 to 20 minutes

Step 1: Take a few sheets of paper towels and run them through some water.

Step 2: Shake off the excess water and wrap the towels around the bottle.

Step 3: Pop the bottle in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes and — presto — your bottle is perfectly chilled.

The Ice Bath Method

How long? Two minutes (seriously)

Step 1: Create an ice bath in a bucket with water and ice.

Step 2: Put two tablespoons of salt into the ice bath and mix it around.

Step 3: Place the bottle in the ice bath, wait two minutes and your wine is chilled!

What exactly is happening here, you ask? The salt is creating a chemical reaction that lowers the freezing point of the ice water, which helps the wine chill faster. Genius!


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