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How to cut a mango into perfect cubes

Pamela Salzman shows us a better way to avoid the pit and cut the summer fruit.

A Better Way to Cut a Mango

July 21, 201701:20

We love seeing mangoes pop up in the produce aisle during the warmer months. The vibrant cubes sprinkled on top of a salad somehow make our sad Tupperware desk lunch, well, a little less sad.

And the fruit adds a tropical vibe to our fruit bowl — which is usually stocked with the standard orange and banana combo.

But when faced with the task of actually slicing it (and getting to the juicy flesh inside), that banana starts looking a whole lot more appealing.

That’s why we asked chef and author of Kitchen Matters Pamela Salzman to teach us how to cut the fruit without butchering it (or ourselves). Here, she walks us through the steps of slicing a mango into cubes that'll look and taste great sprinkled on a salad or a bowl of yogurt. Here's how to do it.

How to Cut a Mango into Cubes

WHAT TO LOOK FOR: You want to choose a mango that’s heavy for its size. A ripe mango will also give slightly to gentle pressure.

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: A cutting board, a large chef's knife and a ripe mango.


STEP 1: Cut off a little slice from the end of the mango, so that you can sit it upright on the cutting board. This will help stabilize the mango when you’re cutting it (and ensure you keep all of your fingers!)

STEP 2: Slice through the body of the mango, slightly off center so that you avoid the pit. If you hit the pit, simply move the knife slightly further off center and try again.

STEP 3: Cut off the other side the same way, and then shave off the remaining flesh from the pit.

STEP 4: Take one of the cut mango halves in the palm of your hand. Very carefully, using the tip of the chef’s knife, score the mango into a grid without cutting through the skin.

STEP 5: Place your thumbs on either side of the half and pop the mango open, revealing the cubes. You can either push the cubes off with your fingertips, or use the knife to slice them away from the skin.

A tasty breakfast parfait perfect for summer mornings.

Summer Breakfast Parfait

Add those perfectly cut mango cubes to a parfait for a filling breakfast with a hint of sweetness.


1 cup Greek yogurt

Half of a mango, cubed

A handful of blueberries

Directions: Spoon half of the yogurt into a serving dish. Layer half of the mango cubes on top. Top the mango with remaining yogurt and a sprinkle of blueberries. Dig in!


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