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An Oscar-worthy Sunday dinner menu your family will love

This Sunday dinner menu is a nod to the plant-based menus that have peppered awards season. But it's not vegan. It’s definitely creamy and cheesy.
Cheesy White and Green Spinach Lasagna
Short on time? Take a shortcut. No-boil, or oven ready, lasagna noodles are a gift to the busy cook. Courtesy of Katie Workman/Mom100

This is Sunday Suppers, a weekly menu of comfort food favorites meant to be lingered over — with the goal of helping you and your family relax and reconnect.

So, last Sunday was Super Bowl Sunday, and this Sunday is yet another potential viewing party evening, but of a different sort: The Oscars. Maybe you are more into one event, maybe you are more into the other, maybe you have Sunday television plans for last week and this one, too. And while I am not advocating abandoning the dining table on the regular for the TV by any means, it’s at least fun to channel the spirit of the evening into dinner.

And whether you eat before the show, skip the show, or eat while watching the awards, you’re still connecting. Connecting over who should win best supporting actor, over why there is no actual host again this year, over whose dress is the most amazing … (and some that might cause a “what was she thinking?” reaction), over whose speech was the most touching (and who forgot to thank his wife). And that’s what Sunday Suppers are about.

An Oscar-worthy graze board

Dec. 12, 201904:33

This Sunday, we work on an elegant but cozy vibe. The main course is lasagna, and a vegetarian take, as a nod to the plant-based centric menus that have peppered awards season. But, no, not vegan. It’s definitely creamy and cheesy.

Cheesy White and Green Spinach Lasagna

Cheesy White and Green Spinach LasagnaCourtesy of Katie Workman/Mom100

Rich and creamy, filled with sautéed spinach, fluffy ricotta, and a simple béchamel sauce. Think béchamel sauce sounds complicated? Hardly – it’s a 5-minute sauce involving a bit of flour and milk, and then you melt a bunch of cheese in the hot milk. It’s dreamy, and takes this lasagna to another level. Make the lasagna ahead of time, and heat it up before serving.

Arugula and Kale with Scallion Mustard Vinaigrette

Arugula and Kale with Scallion Mustard VinaigretteCourtesy of Katie Workman/Mom100 / Courtesy of Katie Workman/Mom100

A simple salad is all this lasagna needs.

Devil’s Food Cake

Courtesy of Katie Workman/Mom100

Want an excuse to bake a cake? Sunday is a good excuse. Oscars Sunday is a great excuse. I think this is my favorite chocolate cake recipe ever. It’s rich and moist and stays fresh for days so if you aren’t making it for a party or a crowd, you can know that you are set up with delicious cake for the week (bring a piece to a neighbor or a co-worker and make their day).

Happy Sunday!


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