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Sunday Suppers: Need a dinner idea? Try this garlicky roast chicken with shallots and potatoes

Set the tone for every Sunday in 2020 with a family dinner — like this gorgeously garlicky chicken dish.
Garlicky Roast Chicken with Shallots and Potatoes
Add a salad to this garlicky chicken and potato dish, and now you have the perfect meal. Courtesy of Katie Workman/Mom 100

And we’ve made it to the other side, the brave new world of 2020. The post-holiday moment is always a bit anticlimactic in some ways, and yet filled with potential in others, don’t you think? In the immortal words of Natasha Bedingfield “Today is where your book begins; The rest is still unwritten.”

You may be making resolutions, you may be cleaning out your kitchen of junky food, but you still need something comforting on Sunday nights. That’s the common denominator, the very definition of Sunday Suppers. So, for this Sunday Supper, with all sorts of best intentions for eating better, cooking more and sitting down with the family on the regular, let’s go with a super classic: roasted chicken. Sure, you can pick up a roast chicken at pretty much any market or price club, but there is such a supreme satisfaction in roasting one yourself. And it couldn’t be easier.

To that end, why not roast two? Extra chicken is possibly the most useful leftover around, sliced for sandwiches, grabbing a cold drumstick from the freezer, or using shredded chicken in all kinds of dishes from spicy thai chicken and rice noodle soup to spicy chicken and black bean enchiladas to spinach, mushroom, and chicken quesadillas. I feel like another dinner is but a few steps away when I have some cooked chicken in the fridge.

Garlicky Roast Chicken with Shallots and Potatoes

Another perk of making your own roasted chicken is the amazing fragrance that fills your home as the chicken cooks. If a house could have a signature scent, you might well pick this one. This recipe includes whole shallots and potatoes, and while you are roasting the chicken you are also roasting a couple of heads of garlic.

Have you ever had sweet, mellow, creamy roasted garlic? Just delicious, and so easy to make. Squeeze out the softened cloves from their papery skins, and smear them right onto slices of the chicken, or maybe a chunk of baguette. Sunday night just got a lot better.

Romaine, Kale and Broccoli Salad
Make the dressing while you are waiting for the water to come to a boil, and slice up the romaine and kale while the broccoli steams and drains.Courtesy of Katie Workman/Mom 100

Romaine, Kale and Broccoli Salad

This robust salad is a perfect partner to the chicken. This green on green on green salad packs a big nutritional punch. The goat cheese adds a nice tang, but you can leave it out if you have anyone who can’t have dairy. And boy is this fast; make the dressing while you are waiting for the water to come to a boil, and slice up the romaine and kale while the broccoli steams and drains. Two dishes, and a complete meal is yours.

Simple Butterscotch Pudding

Simple Butterscotch Pudding

I spoke too soon. Sunday night always deserves dessert. Something about butterscotch makes people (eg, me) very happy. If you're worried about your New Year's resolutions, these are served in individual ramekins and clock in around 300 calories, making it a little bit harder to overdo it. And here's another feel-good thought: Making pudding is in of itself a soothing exercise. Eating pudding is even more soothing.

Happy Sunday — and New Year to all of you!


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