A $400K Snowmobile? Driving Lamborghinis on the Ice

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Ultimate snowmobiles

March 20, 201501:09

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/ Source: CNBC.com

Every winter, Lamborghini invites some of its top customers and prospects to the Italian Alps for one of the world's most outlandish driving events: driving $400,000 Lambos at high-speeds on the snow and ice.

They call it the "Winter Accademia." And while Lambo has been holding them for years in Europe, this year the carmaker brought the show to the U.S. for the first time with an Accademia in Aspen, Colorado.

"Secret Lives of the Super Rich" was the only TV cameras allowed to film the event. Over the course of the weekend, 20 participants—all current or future Lambo owners—get royal treatment with a luxury hotel, chef-catered meals, endless cocktails and a variety of gifts.

But the best part is on the track—a snow-and-ice-covered course called the Aspen Motorsports Park. The cost of the weekend: $5,995 per person.

As the sun came up, a group of 19 multimillionaires and car aficionados from around the country climbed into the company's fleet of $250,000 Lamborghini Huracans and $450,000 Aventadors and took to the snow.

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Out of control

They were each accompanied by professional racecar drivers, many from Formula One or Nascar. But things quickly spun out of control—literally. By the late morning, drivers were taking their Lambos at over 80 miles per hour around the snow-covered turns, skidding, sliding and crashing into cones.

Most of the skids and wipeouts were deliberate, and many of the drivers were surprised to learn that the 600-horsepower Lambos are all-wheel drive and handle gracefully in the snow.

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One attendee, Lambo owner Myron Stein, said he often drives his own Aventador in the snow at home. But he said he never lets loose with his Lambo the way he did at the Accademia.

"I would never do that with my car, no way," he said after a high-speed series of spins and snowplowing around the track. "I'm like a kid again. Everything about this event was excellently done."

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He added: "The new Lambos are as easy to drive in the snow as a four-wheel-drive pickup truck."

A very expensive pick-up truck.

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