Fiat Chrysler Recalls Ram Pickups, Jeep Cherokees for Different Issues

Editor's note: An earlier version of this story misstated the number of vehicles being recalled.

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles said Tuesday it is recalling 86,046 Ram trucks and 93,895 Jeep Cherokee sport utility vehicles for two different safety issues.

FCA said the recall of certain 2015-2016 Ram 1500 pickups produced between mid-June and late September this year is to inspect and replace rear axles.

FCA said an internal investigation found axle shafts on some trucks may not have been properly heat-treated and could thus overheat and trigger the anti-lock brake system warning light, leading to component fracture and possible wheel separation.

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The company said that in addition to recalling 65,760 Ram trucks in the U.S., it is recalling about 17,127 in Canada, 1,935 in Mexico and 1,390 outside the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) region.

FCA said it was aware of one accident potentially related to the axle shaft problem in Ram trucks, but no injuries.

The recall of certain 2015 Jeep Cherokee SUVs is to replace air-conditioning lines that may have been installed close to the engines' exhaust manifolds, posing a fire risk.

FCA said it is recalling about 75,364 Jeep Cherokees in the U.S., 7,571 in Canada, 4,018 in Mexico and 6,942 outside the NAFTA region.

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FCA said it was unaware of any injuries or accidents related to air-conditioning lines problem in the Jeep Cherokees.