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Cards Against Humanity Makes $71,000 on Black Friday by Selling Absolutely Nothing

The politically incorrect card game had a Black Friday deal like no other this year.

Cards Against Humanity, the popular and politically incorrect party game, offered a Black Friday deal like no other this year: you shell out $5 and get absolutely nothing in return.

The company, which markets itself as "a party game for horrible people," replaced its online store with only the option to pay 5 bucks for nothing at all.

"On Black Friday, everybody is selling something. We’re the only company to offer the superior Black Friday experience of buying nothing," the company explained on its website.

The trick seemed to work. Just before switching back to its normal site at midnight eastern time, the tally was just over $71,000 in sales from the Black Friday promotion.

In its FAQ section, the company said it would "make the announcement soon" about what it would do with the money it received during the promotion.