Cauliflower Shortage Costing Shoppers More Green

Cold weather in the main cauliflower growing regions of California and Arizona has cut into North American supplies – leading to sky-high prices. According to US Department of Agriculture data, wholesale prices have more than doubled since early November. Wholesale prices passed $4 per head on December 12th.

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Costing around $2 or $3 a head just a year ago, some shoppers and food bloggers are reporting they have seen stores charge as much as $7 or $8 per head in recent weeks – a little more green than some people care to spend if they can find the white veggie that is. Many shoppers can’t find the vegetable at all.

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The vegetable has become a popular low-carb substitute for potatoes and rice. Creative cooks use it to create everything from pizza crusts to side dishes that resemble mac ‘n cheese. But while the demand is high, supply has been dwindling since December, sending low-carb dieters everywhere into a frenzy over their food staple and thus driving up prices. According to the USDA, average retail prices recently have been up 30 percent from last year.

So, while dieters may be heartbroken over the price hike and scarcity, picky kids everywhere are rejoicing.