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Companies Seek Kosher OK for Medical Marijuana

Several companies have approached rabbi for certification, according to The Jewish Daily Forward.
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Mary Jane may be going kosher.

In light of state regulations that will allow patients to ingest (not smoke) medical marijuana next year, several enterprises are reportedly angling to make edible products that meet strict Jewish dietary standards.

Rabbi Moshe Elefant, COO of the Orthodox Union's kosher certification agency, told The Jewish Daily Forward he has had "preliminary discussions" with more than one company seeking a kosher seal of approval for its marijuana products. As a plant, marijuana would not normally require rabbinical approval to eat, but edibles THC-infused food and beverages would require a full certification process. Although his group has rejected approval requests from cigarette and e-cigarette manufacturers on health grounds, they "would not have a problem certifying" products related to medical marijuana, Elefant told the Forward.

According to the Forward, "Orthodox rabbis appear to have accepted the medical benefits of cannabis, they remain much more cautious about recreational marijuana. Most Orthodox rabbis say it's strictly prohibited.


-- Everett Rosenfeld