Contain Your Enthusiasm! Bring Your Own Cup, Get a Slurpee For $1.50

7-Eleven’s iconic super-slushy super-drink, the Slurpee, is turning 50 years old — and the convenience store chain is celebrating by offering “Bring Your Own Cup” Slurpee fill-ups for only $1.50.

On March 18 and 19 from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., you can bring any food-safe receptacle to 7-Eleven, as long as your container of choice fits inside the 10-inch cutout on the in-store display.

7-Eleven suggests “carafes, beakers, goblets, jars, or anything else that could even remotely be considered a cup.” So, while you probably can’t bring your daughter’s aquarium or a monster-sized noodle pan, an upturned Saint Patrick’s Day hat or a pinball trophy seem fair game.

The celebration also includes a new “sweetly sour” flavor combo — Airheads Xtremes Rainbow Berry. Now go get you some brain freeze.