An Internet That’s 50,000 Times Faster? Sign Me Up!

The U.S. lags behind even Latvia when it comes to Internet speeds — and no one is happy when Netflix and chill turns into Netflix and frozen. But some envision a future with Internet speeds that are really, really fast. British scientists at University College London have come up with a technique that can deliver data at record-breaking speeds, according to a recent study.

“To give an example, the data rate we have achieved would allow the entire HD Game of Thrones series to be downloaded within one second," wrote Dr. Robert Maher, lead researcher in the study, published this week in Scientific Reports.

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The research team's method sends data 50,000 times faster — at 1.125 terabits per second, instead of the average U.K. speed of 24 megabits per second — by simultaneously sending 15 pulses of light at different frequencies, creating a “super channel” and paving the way for “the next generation of high-capacity communication systems,” according to the study.

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The researchers did not report if they'd also discovered a way to make time to watch all the shows you could download at those speeds.

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