Manet Painting Sets Record at Christie’s Auction

Image: A Christie's employee poses with painting by Manet
A Christie's employee poses with artist Edouard Manet's painting "Le Printemps" at Christie's Auction House in London October 14, 2014. LUKE MACGREGOR / Reuters

A celebrated 1881 portrait by French Impressionist Edouard Manet on Wednesday smashed the record for the artist when it sold for $65.1 million at Christie's, going far towards the auction house's solid total takings of $165.6 million."Le Printemps," an oil painting owned by the same family for a century, had been estimated to sell for as much as $35 million, but half a dozen bidders competing for the work, most of them via telephone, helped drive up the price.The sale, including Christie's commission of just over 12 percent, nearly doubled the previous record of $33.2 million for a Manet, set in 2010 by "Self Portrait with a Palette."

-- Reuters