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There's little good humor in ice cream shortage

There’s nothing like enjoying a Chocolate Eclair from a Good Humor truck on a hot summer day; munching on the cake coating and vanilla ice cream in order to get to the fudge center.

You know you want one now.

Alas, it may be a while before your local Good Humor man, or woman, will be selling the creamy treat.

The Eclair, along with two other Good Humor classics -- Toasted Almond, Candy-Center Crunch – are victims of a shortage and you may not be able to get the products until later this summer.

“Primarily due to the unprecedented warm spring weather, as well as the routine challenges presented when production moves from one plant to others, some iconic Good Humor brands are in shorter supply via mobile vending units,” said Caroline Krajewski, a spokeswoman for Unilever, the parent Dutch company that produces the products.

The company announced last year it was shuttering its Hagerstown, MD, ice cream plant by 2013, and would be laying off about 400 employees. The plant produced the classics that are now in short supply, but Krajewski wouldn’t comment on whether the company was rethinking its decision.

For all you ice cream lovers upset about the shortage, don’t panic yet. Turns out the three ice cream products are still available at your local grocery story.

But there’s just something nostalgic about getting a cool treat from those Good Humor trucks, which first hit the road equipped with freezers in 1920. Their creator, Harry Burt, used his son’s bobsled bells on one of the first models.

What’s your favorite ice cream truck ice cream treat? 

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