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Too Lazy to Ship Your eBay Goods? Yep, Now There's an App For That

Ebay will now send someone to your door within 20 minutes to 'professionally pack' (yes!) your item and ship it for you.

You gathered up the old t-shirts, toys or trinkets, snapped the photos, wrote a witty description, watched the auction, and now you’re at the easy part — getting rid of your item! Except … where is the tape? Who on earth has a box THAT shape? And who took my scissors!?

Don’t fret. Ebay will now, in certain cities, send someone to your door within 20 minutes to “professionally pack” (yes!) your item and ship it for you. The new service will also track your shipments and automatically notify your buyer.

The online marketplace giant announced this week that it is expanding on its partnership with startup Shyp to courier your collectibles and forgettables, if you’re in New York City, Chicago, San Francisco, or Los Angeles.

In a market that is increasingly saturated with goods re-sellers — Mercari, Letgo, Tradesy, OfferUp, to name just a few — eBay is clearly trying to retain its position by making life easier for more “one-off” buyers.

The new service will cost eBay users an additional $5 per pickup, starting June 30. Until then, it’s completely free. Start emptying that attic.