Toyota Recalls 2.87 Million Vehicles Due to Faulty Seatbelts

Toyota Motor is recalling 2.87 million vehicles due to a safety issue with the seatbelts, the company announced today.

The recall affects the RAV4 model produced from July 2005-August 2014 and sold worldwide, and models of the Vanguard SUV (October 2005-January 2016) sold in Japan.

Toyota said that the voluntary recall is due to faulty seatbelts, where a metal part could shear off and slice through the seatbelt in a crash. The company plans to add a resin cover to the metal framework of the belts.

This recall is the latest in a spate of safety issues that led to various recalls for the Japanese automaker, including defective Takata airbags, which led to at least 10 deaths in the U.S. and a recall of over 30 million vehicles worldwide.

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