Cast your vote in Doritos Super Bowl amateur ad contest

This is a scene from "Dog Park," a finalist in Doritos' 2011 "Crash the Super Bowl" contest.

By staff

Doritos again this year rolls out their “Crash the Super Bowl” competition which allows amateur filmmakers a chance to come up with an ad that will be shown during the big game.

The difference between this and most other Super Bowl ad tradition/stunts is this one actually ends up being entertaining sometimes. In fact, spots from the contest were rated as best of the game in 2009 (“Crystal Ball”), and 2010 (“House Rules”) by users.

The company announced their five finalists today for Bowl XLVI. The winner gets, as last year, a $1 million prize, the spot aired during the game, and a role in a Doritos project with Smoove-Hop-Comedy group Lonely Island — you know, the “D*ck in a Box” guys from Saturday Night Live.

Lonely Island were going to do their own spot, but it was scrapped so that two “Crash” finalists can grace the game.

View and vote on the finalists here. We’re not enthralled by any of them in particular, but given how bumbling bros and bimbos always seem to register with viewers, we see great things for the “Hot Wild Girls” entry.

NBC reported yesterday they have sold out of spot for the game, but still have some available for the pregame show — just in case you have some millions to burn. The average cost for 30-seconds of in-game advertising this year is $3.5 million.