ATM Fees Hit New Record High of $4.52

It's more expensive than ever to get access to your own money.

ATM fees and overdraft fees hit record highs 0:24

Average out-of-network ATM withdrawal fees hit a new high of $4.52, according to the latest annual survey by Bankrate, up 21 percent over the past five years.

As banks have lost money in other areas, they've tried to make up for it by raising fees.

"The most important thing for consumers to know is that all of these fees are completely avoidable," said Greg McBride, CFA,’s chief financial analyst. "Shop around for a bank or credit union that fits your lifestyle so that you can keep more of your hard-earned cash."

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Large retail banks typically don't charge ATM fees when their own customers use their own ATM's, but several banks repay ATM fees or waive charges all-together. In particular, check out online banks like Ally, HSBC Direct, or USAA. Other banks may require maintaining minimum monthly activity.